This is part of general IELTS exam part 1.

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Jan 12, 2019 16:25
Could you correct my small grammar?

You are not satisfied with the changing rooms in a sports center that your visit.
Write a letter to the sports center manager.
In your letter
-explain the problem
-say how you feel about this problem
-And say what you would like the manager to take.

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to you to notice (report?) about your facility that I am not comfortable.
I have been a membership with your sports center for five years, and it has mainly been satisfaction. However, I found some of the equipment that needs to be organized to improving customer’s satisfaction, such as regular cleaning of the facility, routine maintenance of the facility and management of consumers.

Firstly, your facility has been becoming quite famous nowadays, and there are always several regular customers and new customers when I use the facility. However, the changing room is not always tidy and clean unfraternally. Secondly, the floor is needing to repair to prevent an aging equipment accident. Especially, some parts are molded and fragile which causing the unwelcome accident. Moreover, there was a group of young customers who have no common sense; they are taking some photos in the changing room where the people privacy needs to be respected.

I would like to suggest to you three things that increase the timely cleaning service, a regular check and repair of the facility and the notification facility rules for customers. I would be appreciated if you were aware of our point of view and took some actions to improve your service.

Kind regards