Nursing referral letter for my practice : this is practice case notes, not a real patient case.

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Jan 3, 2019 20:42
: this is practice case notes, not a real patient case.

Ms Nita Roberts
In-Home Nursing Service
79 Beachside Street


Dear Roberts,
Re: Mrs Jasmine Thompson (01/07/1942)

Thank you for seeing this patient, a 75-year-old female who was underwent right total shoulder replacement to treat her chronic pain which related with osteoarthritis. She is ready to be discharged into your care today.

Mrs Thompson’s post-operative progress was largely uneventful. Post-operative blood examination and neurovascular observations were all range in normal. Also, she has been complaint with her physiotherapy. Her pain condition has been controlled well with oral analgesic medications (Panadeine forte, voltaren) and an ice pack for four hours daily.

As her discharge education, she informed that strictly no lifting her right arm and utilize a sling for 4 weeks. Mrs Thompson is a widow who living in single. Her daughter will stay her mother’s house for 1 month to assist Mrs Thompson’s ADL.

It would be appreciated if you manage her post-operative management including ADL assistance (e.g. showering), regular wound care and observation and administration of anticoagulants (Clexane for 4 days). Please note that she has a follow-up appointment for staple removal at 22nd of January.

Thank you for ongoing care for Ms Thompson.
If you have any concern or queries do not hesitate to contact me. I have also endorsed that specialist contact number (Mon-Fri).

Your sincerely,