I was shocked !!

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Dec 29, 2018 20:53
I had a bit sad day today.
Sydney is being hot from copple of days ago, seems the summer has been started.

I do a little study in the morning if I do not have any shifts. Usually I do some collection on the posted nots on Lang-8 and review my sentences that have been corrected.
when I was collecting one notes, I realised that the sentence was pharaphrased from my favourite book. I didn't know that the book was transrated by English and published.
I was quite excited because, I am not good at reading in English, but if I could get my favaourite one I would be hooked to read it.
So I went to the book shop immediatly, and asked the shop assistant about it. But unfourtunately, the book was published only in U.S.A

The book name is 'the eternal Zero', the story telling about Kamikaze pilots, it is a fiction but really beautiful anti-war novel, also a clever storyline allow the author to explore many points of view about the militarism of Japan.

I can no read it now, but never mind!
I am going to serch on Amazon Aus tonight :)