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May 3, 2014 09:22
I'd just like to write something on English.
Cuz I don't have circumstance to speak English enough.
If you catch kinda mistakes in my writing, just correct it, precious mates.

I'm gonna talk about today, just today.
(I guess it's already over 12 am, but i don't mind)
I decided to change my hair last night so I reserved hair shop in this morning.
There was no problem until afternoon.
It suddenly started raining. Such a miserable.
I was constantly waiting for my special change but there was an unbelievable obstacle.
I considered it again. As you know raining is sometimes terrible to hair style.
Conclusion? Just push it!
Fortunately, when I got back home from hair shop, there was no rain, even no water on my eyes.
I was perfectly happy!!
How enjoyable it was.
Anyway, I'm really appreciate to the weather.
I hope tomorrow would be fine like today.
And then See ya all someday.
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