Witnesses about an erathquake in Mexico.

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Sep 21, 2017 04:57
Witnesses about an erathquake in Mexico. tragedy, chaos and solidarity. That was the biggest from over 32 years cataclysm in Mexico. It was left behind a tremendous damages. 'The earthquake lasted for about 1 minute but the scale of tragedy is very big.' - said Polish inhabitant of Mexico. She emphasized solidarity of Mexicans for a victims. On Wednesday in the early afternoon there was the tremendous erathquake of 7,1 degrees in a Richter scale. Several dozenof buildings were collapsed. At least 248 people were died. Although an epicenter of the quake was in a state of Morelas, the biggest damages were in the capital, where were over 100 people died. 'At the time when the quake began, I was with my firend in a museum in a district of Coyoacan. At some point we felt vibrations and I guessed what happened. The quake lasted for about 1 minute. That was a very weird feeling.' - said Polish inhabitant of Mexico. 'After quake we came back to a car, and we went to a main square of the district. Everybody were outside. A tower of a church were collapsed. Until we came to the city center we didn't know about the scale of damages. We were lucky because of a small building where we were and from which we could easily escape.'