Another dangerous hurricane on the Atlantic.

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Sep 20, 2017 05:59
Another dangerous hurricane on the Atlantic. Hurricane Mary is still getting stronger. Moving from the Atlantic towards the Caribbean a tropical storm - Mary, changed into 4 category hurricane according to Saffira-Simpson's scale - reported BBC citing National Hurricane Center. The hurricane which is going on the same way as Irma hurricane will reach the islands of that archipelago on Monday in the late evening local time. NHC claimed that firstly hurricane will hit the Windward Islands, Antigua and Barbuda. NHC also warns that rainfall which is caused by the hurricane can make floods whose can be dangerous and mudslide. NHC claimed also that until Wednesday on an area of Portoryko, British Virgin Island and United States Virgin Islands the rainfall level will reach 51 centimeters. British Virgin Islands Authority that hurricane will destroy rubble and debris whose were caused by the Irma hurricane and because of that, there will be more death victims.