Introductory Speech of the Ayurvedic-Medecine Meeting

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May 4, 2016 05:33
Introductory Speech of the Ayurvedic-Medecine Meeting

Dear friends, dear patients, dear guests,

I'm very pleased, that you could follow our invitation concerning this Informatory evening concerning the country of india and the ayurvedic healing system. But I have to tell you that this evening is dedicated also to two special guests. I'm absolutely moved, that we can after all this years of cooperation welcome Professor Doctor Gupta from the university of Nadiad in the beautiful country of India. He is our Teacher since many years and to have him here in our ayurvedic health center Namrata is a great pleasure for us.
Not less I welcome heartly the chairman of the Institute of Ayurvedic Medecine from Birstein. We are equally related to him through years of cooperation.
Of course we have a special interest that you enjoy this evening as much as possible. Therefor we engaged the indien musicien and artist Ravi. He arrived from Berlin and came especially for this evening to entertain us with his art after the presentations.
For the provision the restaurant Yoti offers us his culinary delights.
Finally we, my husband Dr. Uwe and me, are hoping that you will not only enjoy but take home a lots of good energy and inspiration. With this words I pass the speech to this gentleman.