Radioing (I 10)

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Feb 9, 2018 18:01 Edelweiß
I let time pass as it wished. Only when through the milky veil of clouds the moon showed its pale face did I break off my gaze from the sky. I looked at the precipitous slope at my feet and felt a comforting pull, but just when I was about to follow the call into the deep, my radio device came up, crackling.

It was Falk. As promised, he had seen to all the things I had asked him to do, and the news from Penzing offered hope. I thanked Falk for his commitment before telling him to call it a day. He had earned it. After a joyful ‘joho,’ which echoed with a rattling sound through the ravine at my end of the line, Falk asked whether I wanted to join him and the others in their crawling through the pubs of the neighbouring village Sonthofen. Of course, I didn’t want to, but it took a lot of radioing back and forth over the relay stations of the mountain rescuers until he understood that. He pointed out, though, that my constant naysaying would in the long run turn me into a hopeless case for even the best dating agency. I told him that I was fully aware of my predicament and reminded him of the sheaf of reports that were waiting to be sifted through. I had packed them into my backpack as bedtime literature. If I bucked up hard enough, they would make their way into the filing department just in time by the end of the quarter. There, a pair of dutiful hands would receive them, stamp them and file them away in a dark cabinet.
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