The most difficult concept in the foreign language is the style of ...

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Mar 7, 2018 00:50
The most difficult concept in the foreign language is the style of writing. Maybe the style of communication, or "the manner", I'm not sure about the correct synonym. ("a speech pattern"?)
It always slips away when I try to catch the right tone, the correct situation for a word or a phrase. And of course the grammar! Some forms are too pompous, others are too childish and so on.
For me it's really frustrating because in my native language I adore playing with styles of speech, especially writing! Be sometimes ironical, sometimes silly, sometimes... bureaucratical, that's a fun too, why not.
I already can enjoy some of the English stylistic games in the writing of others but only when they are emphasized. And of course I can not repeat that trick on my own.
What of French... it's toooo far ahead of me today. Grammar is a pain :( I never really learned native language grammar at school, just read a lot.

I guess I can be consoled by the fact that I know three languages instead of one and I'm good at one of them! Not everyone in the world can enjoy the Russian poetry in the original, right. And a few can enjoy the Russian poetry in the original _and_ read English and French too. Lucky me.

I just noticed that I can not remember a proper spelling for some words such as "empasized" and "a speech". Good for me I'm here now. Until this January I've been learning English almost purely by listening, for years. It was a good practice, but writing is a crucial skill for me.
Please help me with my typos and misspellings! Or leave a comment about difficult concepts for you in the foreign language you learning.
Thank you!