One of my problems is my shyness.

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Aug 19, 2018 21:56
One of my problems is my shyness. I really don't like going to a place where people gather to meet new people.
The website of Meetup suggests me various activities: Japanese/English singles meetup, Dinner with American friends, Tee with American friends. I adjusted the profile setting to change its imbalance. I am not looking for a date. Of course I want to have a boyfriend, but I don't think that I can meet someone through those activities. It may sounds silly, but I am sure I'd bore my conversation partners. Chatting free topics with strangers isn't my field at all. I'm totally bad at appealing strangers in first meeting. If I have a role, for example, as a lecturer giving a lecture about modern literature in Japan, I can do it without any problems. I'd be nervous, but I could teach.
When I was a child, I was so shy that I couldn't speak a single word in front of my friends. So, I decided to get training for actresses at university so that I learnt how I could control my fear of speaking in public. Once I learnt how to overcome my stage fright, I haven't had difficulty in public speech. And at the same time, I got a strong voice and succeeded in improving my athletic ability. I believe that I can improve my life more like that.
Today, I joined a knitters group in Osaka. I want to learn knitting even more and also get to used to going to an unfamiliar place and being among new people.