A hypothesis which is not worth thinking about 3

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Feb 9, 2019 22:11
Let's get back to the first question that my friend wanted to talk about.
It seems to demand you an ethical decision in a flash. I would like to emphasise that you don't have to choose any of them to kill, which person can be killed, young or old.
Why should you think about it? Why can't you realise the strange situation. Who can dare to ask you such a terrible question!?
You should start to think/analyse
-what the intention of the question is
-why you're obsessed by that
-where you learnt that question, on a website or from a magazine article or a podcast, anyway I'd recommend to stop subscribing them
-who came up with that question from the first place with what kind of intention

You don't have to answer, if a question isn't worth thinking about. You should start seeing objectively what you're thinking about, if you are obsessed by something insane.