Today I went to a reunion with my former bosses.

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Mar 8, 2018 23:51
Today I went to a reunion with my former bosses. In the second year at my first school, I was assigned to the International Education Department and I first went abroad for my assignment. At that time we worked together. We call our annual reunion "the Perth Reunion" related to the city where we visited. We talked about many things whilst eating and drinking. A short story which one of them shared impressed me. I want to write it here. He told,
"I had talked with my friend in my home town once a month or two months by phone call. He is taking care of his wife who is in a serious illness. She needs to suppress her symptoms by medicament, but in a result she has lost her spontaneous feelings and all of her social functions. I wanted to help him, so I gave him a new cell phone. You know, au users can call without any fee under our contracts. Then, we started talking every day. At first, I thought that I was helping him, but it was not the fact. Since he didn't have anyone to talk with, he couldn't even speak articulately. However, a while after that, I realised that it was me who was encouraged by the conversations. Good conversations can help our lives!"
I am also the one who believes the power of conversation.