Recently thinking about happiness, I remembered a man who I met in ...

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Dec 27, 2016 03:50
Recently thinking about happiness, I remembered a man who I met in the Philippines. Actually I feel that I say "I am happy" too much, and I wonder why and to whom I am saying that.
This story was about two and a half years ago. One evening I was invited to my friend's house. It was the first invitation from a Filipino family. I had just started to live in that country and had many things to learn. Her quiet husband picked us up in front of the school. On the way to their house, they stopped at a fruits stand by the roadside. They bought mangoes for me. I was known to like the native fruits there. It was a humid, but nicely hot evening.
The roads in the area they lived in were not paved. Some people were sitting outside for breeze. My friend shouted a name of a man, and I saw a young man stood up and waved his hand to us. After settling in their house, she told the story about the man.
In the Philippines there were many people out of work. He was among them, and there was no possibility that he would be hired. His intellectual level was as high as children. The neighbours liked to talk with him. They asked him, "are you happy?" And every time being asked that, he answered with a big smile: "Yes, because you are happy!" People never looked down on him. He knew what happiness was and made others happy every day.
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