I wanted to make a teaching plan for my demonstration on Tuesday, b...

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Nov 19, 2017 20:58
I wanted to make a teaching plan for my demonstration on Tuesday, but I couldn't find a vacant seat in the library. I was sure that I would be easily distracted staying in my comfortable flat, so I had to make myself sit for a while in an inconvenient place. I headed for a cafe nearby which is run by a welfare organization. Fashionable people wouldn't dare to step in that cafe, but once you do so, you will find interesting people there. They are ordinary people, but their topics are always full with vivid descriptions. They know how to enjoy life, or at least what you should ignore as a small matter.
When I entered, there were no other guests there. I ordered zenzai and started to study. It's almost winter and today's temperature was under 8 degree whole the day. However, the big stove settled in the middle of the room warmed the air. I sipped the hot tea and suddenly wondered what made me feel so happy. Then I noticed that the 90's Japanese pop songs were playing one after another in a small volume. They reminded me of my past days, when I was a university student, working as a new teacher. I only remembered happy scenes, but not any sad memories. I smiled and was humming quietly to myself for a while.
I stayed there for an hour and worked out my plan. I had been struggling to come up with this short plan for more than a week, but there, it was surprisingly easy. I did it with a happy feeling.