Yesterday, I joined the dress rehearsal for "The Vagina Monolo...

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Feb 11, 2019 22:08 thevaginamonologues
Yesterday, I joined the dress rehearsal for "The Vagina Monologues" in Osaka. I'll be part of a funny dance which was invented by one of the participants.
For the first time she showed it to other participants last week, she shouted some words while dancing, and when she said "Ijentity", everyone laughed. I didn't laugh, because I didn't know that word. It sounded like "identity", but she pronounced like "ijentity". I wondered what it meant. I looked up my dictionary, but couldn't find that word. Is it a new word that means "identity" of "vagina"="ijentity"? I wasn't sure. Other Japanese people all laughed, so only I didn't understand that word. I was sad.
Yesterday, I was able to be brave enough to ask a dancer next to me: "What's 'ijentity'?"
She looked at me with gentle eyes and tried to explain in Japanese: "Personality, maybe?"
I said: "I see. 'Identity'."
She nodded: "Yes, ijentity."
Her pronunciation is close to the lead dancer's. I'd never heard that word pronounced "ijentity", so I didn't understand.
For learners, such a slight difference of pronunciations or expressions hinders comprehension.
At the rehearsal, we ran through our monologues, so I was able to listen to other performers' speeches as enough as I wanted. We're not professional actresses. Our voices are not as good and correct as that of actresses well-trained.
When I learnt I was assigned a role in Japanese, I was disappointed, but now, I am happy to offer people the opportunity to listen to a native voice expression, even though I am not a professional actress. You don't only listen to voices in movies or news in your target language, but talk with native speakers more often, who are ordinary people just like you are. You should listen to those voices.
先週、ダンスの考案者が初めてそのダンスを披露した時、彼女は踊りながらいくつかの言葉を発しました。彼女が「アイジェンティティ」と言った時、みんな笑いました。私は意味が分からなかったので、笑えませんでした。「アイデンティティ」という言葉に似ているけれど、彼女は「アイジェンティティ」と発音しました。どういう意味なのか不思議に思いました。辞書を引いたけれど、載っていませんでした。「ヴァギナ」の「アイデンティティ」という意味の造語で「アイジェンティティ」とか? 分かりません。ほかの日本人の参加者はみんな、笑っていました。つまり、私だけがその単語が分からなかったということです。悲しかったです。