On weekdays I am always trying to be seen as confident, just, knowl...

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May 18, 2018 21:44
On weekdays I am always trying to be seen as confident, just, knowledgeable, so many "You must be" things as a teacher restrict me. I'm armed with those requirements.
On Friday, after work, I throw my teacher armour and try to remember who I am. However, it's difficult to find it out again. I enjoy eating something not good for health and reading books in bed on Friday night. It just mean I am doing what I like, but doesn't mean that I am exactly who I am doing those things.
Some people might say that when you are perfectly alone, you can take back yourself. I don't agree with that. I think that only through relationships with others, you can define yourself.

Today one of my students told me; "You always appreciate me, helping you and X. You say that I can understand X and explain to you what he means. But my parents never believe that. They say I am not that wise or helpful."
She has been the youngest in her family. In our class, she has found out her new side. She can help others, also her teachers, with her pure heart.

Now I am alone in my flat, but tomorrow I will be able to start to be someone for someone else.