I have been aware that my preference in books is distinct.

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Jul 7, 2019 23:19
I have been aware that my preference in books is distinct. I love stories of a female protagonist written by a female author. This weekend, I suddenly realised that three of my favourite books have three points in common: magic, romance and food.
"Sunshine" written by Robin Mckinley, is a story about the friendship between a young baker and a vampire. She turns out to inherit magical power from her missing father and her power saves her life and also her new friend's, the one of a vampire. What makes this story remarkable is her skills at the restaurant where she works in. Readers cannot feel hungry when they read the parts in which her delicious breads and desserts are described.
"MSI series" written by Shanna Swendson is a nice chicklit. The protagonist, Katie, is found her immunity against magic and headhunt by a leading company of the magical world. One of her hobbies is baking. It gives a good flavour to this story, I think.
And at last, "Garden Spells" that I had been reading last several weeks and have finished reading today. The main characters are two sisters. The older is a cater called Claire. She can make special dishes from flowers grown in her family garden. The flowers and plants grown there are believed to affect eaters. She tries to get a man less interested in her by serving him a casserole. She wants to free him of her influence over him, but he is immune to her food because of his love.
These books have been my favourite for a long time, before I noticed I like baking. I am wondering which was the first, I liked reading them so I was influenced, or I liked baking although I wasn't aware of that, so they have been my favourite? I am not sure.
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