When my boss entered our classroom to inform me something, he notic...

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Jul 9, 2019 23:16
When my boss entered our classroom to inform me something, he noticed a student who had been absent last week. He ran to her and cried out in a theatrical tone, "Where have you been? Finally I met you! I've been for a long time waiting for you on the wharf in Maizuru!"
And then, he took back a serious look, greeted to all of us and got out. All in the classroom asked me what kind of joke he was saying. I had to start my explanation telling where the town "Maizuru" is. It is a port town north to Kyoto, located by the Japan Sea. It's known that there's a military basement of the Self Defense Forces of Japan. The port is closer to Russia, China, South Korea and North Korea than most of the other ports at the coast of the Japan Sea. That's why the town is considered important as a military installation. And what is related to my boss's joke is a well-known history about the World War Ⅱ. After the war, many soldiers once taken captive in Soviet or China, returned to Japan from the continent to this port by ship. At that time, many women were waiting or looking for their husband or son, standing on the wharf every day. Some of them didn't see their loved ones forever. There is a famous song called "The mother on the wharf" that sings the grief of a soldier's mother. I asked my students if they wanted me to sing it, but they politely declined it. I sometimes start singing or dancing suddenly in the classroom, so they are becoming good at declining my suggestions.
Back in the faculty room, I told my boss what our students learnt after he had left. He looked amused. He is a history teacher. He said he didn't think that our students have ever heard that song, because they were young. I agree with him. If they had been born earlier, they might have heard this history.
「おまえ、どこにおったんや! ああ、やっと会えた! わしゃ、ずっと舞鶴の岸壁の上で待っとったんやぞ!」