One of my Lang-8 friends wrote in his comment: "Generally spea...

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Jul 30, 2017 20:49
One of my Lang-8 friends wrote in his comment: "Generally speaking, in real life men want to be some sort of "hero".
His words made me think of something. He was writing about the movie called "Pretty Woman", and I left a bit cynical opinion on the character that Richard Gere acted. Honestly speaking, I don't understand why that movie has been so popular. In my imagination, the call girl seems to be a beautifully trimmered dog that has a collar with jewels, it is so pathetic. Anyways prostitution or the desire of men that want to make their lover fit to their preference is not my today's topic.
How do you define "hero"? If you are trying to be a hero for someone else, is that an exhausting life? It is just a social expectation, isn't it? I understand the wish to be someone's special, but being a hero is not an easy mission. You must fly, fight against the evil, save the earth from the extinction.
One of my heroes only exists in books. He is so cute, however, he also has weak points, for instance, his labo is always untidy. Only he knows what the documents are. And he is too shy to speak in public. Still, he is my hero. My opinion is, you shouldn't be incredibly perfect when you try to be a "hero". Just being nice is good enough.