Today was Saturday, so there were many children in the library.

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Oct 8, 2017 00:56
Today was Saturday, so there were many children in the library. I sat on a stool and read a book I selected. It has some short imaginary stories related to hexes. The last piece impressed me.
The king and the queen wanted to have a prince, but they only had many princesses. The tenth princess was used to being neglected. One day, she ran into a dragon in the woods. It was young and hurt. When the dragon saw the little girl, he expected that she called folks from the town to kill him. However, she came back alone, but with lots of medicine to heal him. They were happy being together. The dragon's injury got better and they realized that the day had come to part from each other.
After the dragon flew away, she tried to find the magic to change her into a dragon. The people thought that she was crazy. All her sisters got married with princes, but she wouldn't. After a long while, a young knight visited her. He said that he had found the spell to change him into a human to live with her.
Is it ridiculous, if I say I wept reading this story?
I think that the princess was no longer a girl but like the only being for her dragon after she met him, and the dragon was same. They turned into something that only exist two in the world, after they found each other.