I feel stress while traveling, because I can't do the washing v...

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Aug 17, 2019 21:32
I feel stress while traveling, because I can't do the washing very often. Next week, I will join a high school programme as a dance facilitator for four days. I am excited, but thinking about that I have to share a house with other facilitators, I am a bit worried. In my closet there are not so many sportswear. My wardrobe is basically for an indoor type of teacher, not for a dancer. I hadn't expected that I will have to dance with students every day before I applied to the programme as an intern facilitator. I have three T-shirts without logos. I have some cute ones printed some misspelled English words. They might not be appropriate to wear in front of students. And leggings, which I put on at my stretching class are not either. I know I am a kind of conservative type, but I can't help with that. I don't want to wear something inappropriate at school. Luckily my mother gave me discount coupons, and I bought two yoga pants which are not showing my leg lines. I also picked up two old T-shirts which my sister left in our parents' house years ago and bleached them. Now I feel I am well prepared.