On Saturday I tried something new.

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Jan 21, 2019 00:56
On Saturday I tried something new. It was a sunny day. I was talking with my colleagues in front of the school gate guarding there. We weren't armed, but just standing there to prevent outsiders from entering school.
A student dropped at and showed an electric bike which he rent at the station. The distance from the station to our school isn't small, so most students take a bus. However, that student prefers a bike to a bus, especially since he started using an electric one, he has really enjoying the schooling. He said that riding a bike around the bay is really fun. He has been saving money to buy a new one. The best bike almost costs 100,000 Yen.
He and I talked with each other for the first time, but he suddenly turned to me and suggested to take a ride on that bike. I hesitated, because I am not a good cyclist at all.
He pointed at the top of the slope where we were standing on.
"You can go up this slope without any efforts!"
I looked up and thought that if I ride on it upwards, the bike would definitely moved backwards and I fall over. I didn't want to provide such an embarrassing show. However, one of my colleagues teased me saying, "Hey, Miss Yamamoto, you are saying that you don't know how to ride a bike?"
It made me mad. I snapped, "Of course I can ride!"
"Then try it!"
The student said without any bad intention. He just wanted me to know how good this bike is. There was no going back any more. I got on the bike and started pedalling towards the top of the slope. I almost expected to fall over in a moment, but suddenly I felt the wind. Something helped me to go forward, and I was going as fast as I'd never experienced on a bike. I screamed: "Help me! Too fast!"
The student shouted back, "Don't be afraid! It's helping you!"
When I got off the bike in front of them, my knees were trembling. The speed scared me, but for sure, it was also exciting. I had thought that only old people ride an electric bike, but this model was really cool. I thought of buying a new electric bike only for a moment. In five years, maybe I will. I already have one, not electric, but still, it is good enough for me.
「乗れますよ! 当たり前じゃないですか!」
「助けて! 速すぎるよ!」
「先生、怖くないよ、大丈夫! 自転車がアシストしてるだけですから!」
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