Now it's summer, so I want to go swimming in the sea!

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Jul 21, 2017 23:58
Now it's summer, so I want to go swimming in the sea! Technically speaking, I cannot swim at all. I mean that I want to enjoy floating in the cold water. I need a float. If not, I will drown. And I also need someone else for a certain reason.
Today I helped my sister washing her car. I invited her to go to sea together. She asked the reason why I invited her. Carelessly, I answered my true intention. "I need someone to rum UV cream on my back."
She said that she would never go out with me. However, she was kind enough to advise that I wear something like a raincoat on my swimwear.
When we were little, I was so mean like today and often made her cry. She always said "You are mean like Cinderella's sisters!" We read a version of "Cinderella" stories in which Cinderella's mother and sisters are cut their foot. It hurt. Later she found an anime character who is the main character's sister, Tatami-chan.
Today she didn't say "You are mean like Tatami-chan", however, I am her mean sister still now.