Do you still remember what the world was like before you learnt rea...

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Aug 30, 2018 21:27
Do you still remember what the world was like before you learnt reading and writing?
I had been illiterate longer than other children did. My parents innocently believed that children could naturally obtain the skills of reading and writing, thus when they found that I wasn't able even to write my name at the age of 6 at the primary school, it was a huge shock for them. Children usually don't like school. But for me, school was very important, because it provided me what I needed: education. I was aware that I needed to learn harder than other children to catch up with them. I was behind in the first place.
Most children learnt reading before they became old enough to appreciate that fact. I know what the world is like, if you can't read at all. I couldn't decide which gave me more joy, eating biscuits or reading the package of the biscuits. Since I was 8 or 9, I have hardly remembered that feelings. However, learning English and German, I sometimes got opportunities traveling abroad, and I recall how inconvenient it can be without literacy. I feel as if I were a child again and it's not so bad, because now I can be so happy when I find a sign on the street and the words on it make sense.