I read articles that reported two teachers were fired for neglectin...

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Dec 20, 2016 21:29
I read articles that reported two teachers were fired for neglecting renewing their teachers' licenses. They didn't notice their licenses expired. Reading them made me depressed. Under the new legislation, teachers must renew licenses once ten years.
This year I took some courses at university. It was so tough. The courses at university are all set up for teachers working at school. It took a long time to find courses that I could attend on my holidays. Today the board of education of Hyogo said that they were doing the procedure of my license. For me, it is important to keep my license valid, however, I know some people who currently don't use their license at school and as the result, neglect renewing their licenses. I don't find this system good at all. After all, teachers at school will only have license, that will cause the shortage of teachers and the deterioration of the quality on education in Japan.
At the courses at university, I couldn't find anyone else that were not working at school. I am working at a cram school, but here, I don't have to use my license. Even a college student can be hired as a part-time teacher.
"The legislation is to eliminate licensed people." An acquaintance said to me. I don't understand the reason why Japanese government is doing such a silly thing.
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