After work, when I unlocked the door of my flat, I found a pair of ...

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Aug 10, 2018 21:57
After work, when I unlocked the door of my flat, I found a pair of sandals there which I didn't expect. Now I have a guest. He had told me last night that he was going to visit his friend and stay overnight, so I thought that he was already out. He called out cheerfully, "Welcome back!" I replied, "I'm home."
He was relaxing in my legless chair and eating something healthy as usual. His diet is much more Japanese than mine. I don't like some typical Japanese food like miso soup, natto or tsukemono. In front of him there was a pile of my books, including a book from the library. He put his cell phone against the books and was watching netflix. To be honest, I had been worried that he wasn't able to feel at home here in my place, so I was glad to see him relax. He invited me to sit beside him on the cushion which he usually sits on. But before that, I had something to confess. I took crisps and a cream puff out of my backpack and said honestly, "I bought them at a convenience store. I thought you weren't here. I shouldn't eat these unhealthy high fat food in front of me. I know well you're trying to lose your weight. I am so sorry."
He stared at my guilty meal with surprise and said kindly, "It's Friday. It's okay." He was the one who had taught me the expression "cheat day" before. Then we watched a funny TV show together. After that he went out.
A person who wants to lose weight and the other tries to not lose weight more, are living together now. I am afraid that I serve him carbohydrate and meat too much. I don't know how much one eats generally. I grew up in a big family, so I tend to cook a big meal.
と言いました。「Cheat day(ダイエットをさぼる日)」という表現を教えてくれたのも、彼です。私達はそれから一緒に、面白い番組を観ました。その後で、彼は出かけました。