Now I’ve settled in my accommodation in Tokyo and just finished set...

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Mar 22, 2019 00:57
Now I’ve settled in my accommodation in Tokyo and just finished setting my extra cell phone. It needed updating. The owner of this lodging forgot to give me the correct password for the wifi network, so I had to message him to ask for the correct one.
I think that every time on my trip, I spent the first night setting this cell phone. I usually use an iPhone, but it can’t accept a SIM card because it is a product of Apple Japan. When I planned to go to Europe, one of my friends offered me his extra cell phone. I‘m kind of technophobe and in addition, it has no Japanese instructions. Setting a SIM card is always a great achievement of me (at least it’s how I feel, every time I succeeded in it, even though I managed it after sending a hundred of messages to that patient friend).
A friend whom I met in Manchester called it „your European cell phone“ and my iPhone „your Japanese cell phone“. I really liked his naming.
My European cell phone moved to Japan from Germany with its owner a few years ago. The owner gave it to me in 2017 and it travelled with me, who became its new owner, to England, Scotland, and then, to Germany, later even to France. It got to know many nice people. Last year, unfortunately it didn’t have an opportunity to go abroad, but now it’s in Tokyo.
This time I‘m traveling in Japan, but I only use it to take photos. I want to save the usage of my Japanese cell phone as less as possible. I use it mostly to get in touch with my friends who I meet here and to use Google Maps.
Today my European cell phone finally saw its former owner‘s face for the first time after two years. He did even adjust its apps. If it could speak, I would ask it „Hey, what does it feel like to see him again? Happy?“
旅先で過ごす最初の夜は、いつもこの携帯を設定しようと悪戦苦闘しています。私は普段、iPhoneを使っているのですが、日本製なのでSIMフリーではありません。ヨーロッパに行く時、友達が、自分の古い携帯を「貸与」という名目で譲ってくれました。私は全くの機械音痴の上に、この携帯は日本語の設定がありません。SIMカードを入れるのにいつも苦労します。何とかやり遂げた時は本当に達成感があります。ただ、この忍耐強い友達は、私が旅に出ると、毎回恐ろしい数の「助けて! 分からないよ!」というメッセージを送りつけられる羽目になります。本当に申し訳ないです。
マンチェスターで会った友達は、ドイツ人の友達にもらった携帯を「your European cell phone」、私のiPhoneを「your Japanese cell phone」と呼んでいました。なかなかいいネーミングです。
「ねえ、また会えてどんな気分? 凄く嬉しい、そうでしょ?」
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