When I have to read a manual about appliances, I can't believe ...

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Feb 25, 2017 14:33
When I have to read a manual about appliances, I can't believe I am teaching Japanese and English. Manuals are like Latin to me.
I arrived in Manchester yesterday. I didn't want to use a rental wifi router or the service my Japanese cellphone contraction provides. They are not cheap. One of my friends gave me his former cellphone so that I would be able to use it as a wifi router. Before the trip, he explains how it works. I am grateful to him with his kindness. I would call a hardship when giving instructions to a technophobic. After my arrival I asked him for help again. He wrote clear instructions this time in Japanese, however, I was so overwhelmed feeling my foreignness in England that I couldn't follow him. I was very sorry. Due to jet lag, I woke up after a short sleep and tried to decode his instructions again. Actually it was not difficult. This time I succeeded. Then, I could send emails to my family and my friends and wrote about things like beautiful apple tree flowers along the streets, colourful tram, the nice owner of my accommodation and his dog's cordial welcome.
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