There are some things I cannot enjoy in rural life.

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Jul 20, 2017 02:15
There are some things I cannot enjoy in rural life. Since I have grown around here, in a small town abundant of nature, I am a country girl. However, there are some things I cannot be familiar with (or some thing I cannot get used to? which is correct?).
I usually dry my laundry outside. When I collected them today, a small frog jumped out from my T-shirt. I picked it up and released it at the waterway near my flat. I like frogs. They are cute. But now, after the rainy season, too many frogs are active and I have to pick them away before riding a bike or driving my car. I am not bothered by them, however, I cannot cope with slugs.
This summer, the temperature is not as usual, so I already encountered them twice in my kitchen. I am really, really scared of them. I despise those who live in a tall building in a big city and insist the importance of ecology. They don't know actually what ecology is, what they are talking about. I think that if someone wants to say something about ecology, at least before that, they must try a country life once. The experiences as a resident are different from those of visitors. Someone might say that slugs are part of the ecosystem. I just want to ask them, if they have encountered a slug in their kitchen at midnight. I cannot sleep because of the shock seeing a slug.