Making Decisions 3

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Apr 1, 2019 00:51
This is what I told my student:
If someone forced you to only agree with their opinions, following them is easier. Imagine, if someone says to you things like "You should marry this person.", "You should work at that place." or "You should go to the cheapest and the nearest community college. You shouldn't leave where you were born."
If you stop thinking and follow those directions automatically without doubts, your life would be just easy. You'd never have to worry about your future. Then, how about being said "Make your own decision. You can live as you want to."
Which way do you find you're respected as an individual person?
Listen, freedom is hard. You have to think and decide yourself. No one else would be responsible for your life or bear that burden for you, but only you can.
I think I know how you feel. You know, I had never dreamed of my future when I was little. When my teacher at junior high school suggested that I should consider to go to university, I was just astonished. And cried. I first knew the taste of freedom, how bitter it would be. Before that I only thought of dedicating my life to others. I didn't know that my life should be mine.
Freedom is hard. You have to decide yourself when you are about to enter a school, look for a job or a place to live and accept your feelings to someone. That's hard, but that's just how a life should be.