Maybe it's because I have been reading a sci-fi novel written b...

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Aug 24, 2018 01:16
Maybe it's because I have been reading a sci-fi novel written by Ursula K. Le Guin, I take things from a viewpoint of a feminist. This book was the assignment for the book club meeting last month, but I am a slow reader in English, so I am still reading it. There are still more than 100 pages left.
Today the typhoon hit this area, so I had to cancel my Japanese class after work and change some plans too. My friend also had changed his plans and stayed at home, and suggested to see a movie on Netflix. He already knew that I can't eat spicy food like children can't, and today I told him that I don't like horror movies or suspense movies. It may sounds that I am timid, but it's just a fact. He suggested "Wonder Woman". It looked interesting and not scary. We started watching it, putting snacks and tea on the table.
It was a good movie. However, I soon wished I was't reading the book which is loved by feminists. I couldn't help but consider about the amazons' costumes. In my eyes they expose wearers' skin excessively. The amazons live themselves alone on an isolated island, then why do they have to wear a sexy short skirt with slits which show their thigh and rising breastplates, and make their hair down? If I were an Amazon, I would never wear a short skirt or a breastplate. I would put on short pants or leggings and a not-sexy shirt with long sleeves, and never think of exposing my skin: It's just unnecessary. You don't have to attract men.
Of course the actresses have to dress to entertain the men viewers! I was half enjoying the movie and the rest distracted by my feminist whispering. I was a bit amused but at the same time, annoyed.
Being a feminist is no doubt a good thing, but sometimes you can't simply enjoy a popular movie.
当然、映画の女優は、男性の視聴者の目を楽しませるために、セクシーな衣装を着なければなりません! 映画を観るのは楽しかったのですが、自分の中のフェミニストの声がうるさくて、集中出来ませんでした。その現象を面白いとは思いましたが、同時に、ちょっとうっとうしく感じました。