A boy said to me before, "Please don't recommend me any of...

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Dec 18, 2016 00:45
A boy said to me before, "Please don't recommend me any of Star Wars. I don't know by which one I should start, and thinking about it always causes me a headache."
I didn't recommend, but just mentioned that I loved Star Wars. I suppose that he had been recommended to watch that movies too often in his life, but nobody wouldn't watch any with him. People tend to make such a casual suggestion to others about things they love, in particular about movies, books and mangas. If one loves something and wants to share it with another person, one should enjoy it together. This is just my personal opinion, so maybe different people have different opinions.
Now I understand very well how the boy felt about Star Wars. I have been thinking of watching Star Trek series, but I am almost overwhelmed by the number of the films. I don't know which one would be better for the first one. So I still hesitate to watch.
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