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Feb 20, 2019 00:48 dialect
My student staying in my flat and I are both from the same area of north Kansai. Since she started to staying at me, we have shared many topics and food ( we are cake eaters). Especially since I took her to the run through for "The Vagina Monologues" in Osaka, our topics have become even more wide-ranged, from body hair to dialects. Her dialect and mine differ slightly, but she hadn't known that since today.
Today, while drinking tea at the kitchen, we talked about female immigrants and increasing international marriage and the following problems in Japan. There are many married couples who can't communicate with each other either in Japanese or other languages. Sometimes due to the lack of the Japanese language ability, children from those families miss the opportunities to enter a high school. It's a serious problem, because it means that they can't get a good job and after spending some years in Japan, they might also have missed the chance to go back to the other country where they have roots to get education.
I said to her that I want to be able to communicate with my partner at least in one of our native languages. If I have a Chinese partner, I would learn Chinese, and I expect the same to that person, to learn Japanese. I believe that we should respect both cultures and languages, and it's the same if it comes to a Japanese partner. I don't want to be disregarded my own dialect. She said to me that she wanted to talk about the expression from her dialect which people never understand.