Do you have books which give you different impressions every time y...

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Oct 20, 2019 23:56
Do you have books which give you different impressions every time you reread them? "Funa Funa Funabashi" is one of those books for me. Funabashi is a town in Chiba where the protagonist lives. This time, I somehow couldn't stop crying while reading. I know why, but I am not sure why today I couldn't help but relate my past loves to her story.
Her boyfriend broke up with her. One day, she sees he and his new girlfriend buying foods in a supermarket which they used to go before, just like they used to do. She realises that she was always replaceable to him. Some days later, he reappears and asks her to marry him. He says he could suspend his current relationship while he is waiting for her answer. She wishes she could say "Yes" to him. She knows whatever her answer is, he would be okay because he never runs out of extra for his stable future.
"I'll never find another you" she wants him to say like that, but she is sure he won't.
I can't blame him even though this story let me cry. Many people choose someone not because of who the person is, but for the conditions such as social status.