I am terrible at finding the right direction.

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May 27, 2018 00:23
I am terrible at finding the right direction. When I travel, I can easily get lost.
People say that for your difficulty you should divide it in smaller problems, then it would be easier to deal with each of them. One of my difficulty is that I can't understand maps at all. As for this I don't think I can deal with. And recently I found out another one; When I find the exit of the train station, that is always false one. It is my curse. Google Maps on my cell phone doesn't help me with that, because it doesn't function until you get out of the station.
At the first year I started to teach, I had to teach a short story written by Senji Kuroi which is called "A train station where children live". In that story, one day, a boy had to take a train alone to somewhere. His mother told him not to lose his ticket. She said that if he loses ticket, he would never able to get out of the train station. In folk tales, the protagonist always break the ban( violate the taboo? ). This story is not the exception either. He lost his ticket and got at a loss at the train station. He was scared that he would be questioned by someone, in particular, station staff. Many passengers passed by him, but no one noticed a little boy standing alone by the stairs.
That isn't a fantasy for me, but a real danger that would happen on me. I have once got lost in a train station in Tokyo. I had my ticket, but I couldn't find out the exit. I was worried that I had to wander on the station premises forever like the boy in that story.