If someone says to another person, "you are totally wrong.

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Feb 16, 2017 00:38
If someone says to another person, "you are totally wrong. I am right!" in a temper and doesn't know how to soothe (control?) his anger, what happens next? This was what my coworker did on me today. Before that, I just tried to remind my boss and him that I was day off yesterday and I usually didn't like to be disturbed my private life. I also explained how to solve the problem they had yesterday, about which they had to call me.
I don't think a non-emergency call to an employee on day off is reasonable at all. I would never do it, but some people do. I wasn't in a good mood and today either. So, when the coworker got mad and said impolite words towards me, I was really astonished.
This happened in a small cram school between two, though I tried to change the bad mood and failed it. I know he just didn't know what he was doing. However, conflicts, fights and wars begin like this, someone's bad temper, believing his rightness. He might forget something, in short, he is living in a small community and the other also in the same place on the earth. I am sad I don't know how to avoid being the victim of such a small violence or how to stop them.