This morning I didn't feel well and stayed in bed.

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Dec 16, 2016 03:24
This morning I didn't feel well and stayed in bed. I tried to sit up, but I couldn't. My cell phone rang, and I barely answered it. It was a call from my mother. My parents live in a house where I grew up. I live alone in a flat near my hometown.
She said that I seemed to get a letter from one of my students at the cram school. I doubted, because they didn't know my address and they could meet me every week, however, if someone would want to contact me in an unusual way, that means an emergency. My mother tends to worry about me too much, but there was no choice. I told her I was sick, and asked her to bring it. When she arrived one hour later, I was at least trying to prepare something to eat, but still in a nightwear. When she dropped the envelop in my hands, I felt relieved and couldn't keep my smile. The sender didn't write his name and the return address, but I knew what it was. It was a Christmas card.
"Mom, it is from my friend."
"Your friend from a foreign country? But the stamp is Japanese one and this handwriting kanji has no error."
"He currently lives in Japan."
He wrote my name and address in kanji perfectly, just the only one error was that he missed one letter, "様". My mother overlooked it, if she noticed that, she would have known that that was not from a Japanese person. She looked at my face and was satisfied with what she looked on my face.
"You look well now. You work today?"
"Yes, of course. Thank you so much, Mom. I am so happy to get this mail."
I didn't expect his Christmas card that early. In Japan, New Year's cards are delivered on January 1. I had hardly gotten Christmas cards, so I didn't know that they might be even delivered before Christmas Eve.
I read the Christmas card, and it made my day.
「外国のお友達? でも、日本の切手が貼ってあるし、綺麗な字を書いてるじゃないの。漢字も全部合ってる」
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