Small stuffs girls like.

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Dec 24, 2016 01:27
I read an article on Lang-8. The writer is asking for some ideas, what he should give little girls as souvenir. He will visit his old friends' house and wants to give their daughters something cute. He also writes that he doesn't know much about little girls' favour. It was like that song of Nursery Rimes.
His question reminds me of my room in my childhood. I shared a room with my younger sister until I left my hometown at the age of 18. Now I prefer a Japanese style of rooms, but the room was a western style, without tatami.
My sister put the posters of Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean. Our bookshelves were full of books and manga. We also put lots of dolls, soft toys and various pretty stuffs; swans and animals in glass crafts, my knitting works, yarn, ribbon, postcards, coins from foreign countries, music boxes, snow domes, colouful bells and some cheap music instruments, beautiful photo frames, thermometers, magnifying glasses, Japanese fans, bookmarks, candy boxes, poaches, lanterns, some sprays we picked up...
My mother used to scold us, but we never threw them out. They were trivial, but all precious for us. They gave us joy and made us feel like a princess. I still can see such small things in my flat I live in alone.
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