I have been reading a story named "Someone Like You" writ...

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Jun 22, 2018 00:49
I have been reading a story named "Someone Like You" written by Sarah Dessen. I've just read the part in which the phrase "someone like you" is used.
The hero, Halley has believed that she is just one of many others. When her best friend Scarlett fell in love with a boy, she doesn't expect something like that would happen to herself. Macon Faulkner shows his interest and she notices, only with him, she can act more freely than usual, like Scarlett always does with complete confidence.
One night, she went to a party to meet him, but he didn't show up in front of her. After leaving there, she said to Scarlett, "I was so stupid for even thinking he'd look twice at someone like me.". Scarlett then said, "Someone like you. Any guy would be damn lucky to have you, Halley, and you know it. You're beautiful and smart and loyal and funny. ~ You're special."
When I read this passage, I couldn't help but cry. I can relate to Halley. In this point, not so many people have noticed her good points, even Halley herself can't believe what Scarlett says.
I am in no doubt the type of Halley, in the meaning that I don't believe I have many good points. And one more thing I have to say, no matter how many good points you have, it can't be the good reason you can attract someone you like. Being a good person doesn't help when you want to appeal to someone. They might just prefer a flashy type with a curvy figure.
サラ・デッセンの「Someone Like You」を読んでいます。ちょうど、このタイトルに使われた「Someone like you」というフレーズが出てくる箇所を読んだところです。
主人公のハレーは、自分はその他大勢に過ぎないと思っています。親友のスカーレットに好きな男の子が出来た時も、自分にそういうことが起こるとは思いもしません。Macon Faulknerと言葉を交わすようになった時、ハレーは、Maconといる時だけは、スカーレットのように自信をもって、自由に振る舞えることに気が付きます。