Something a woman would love

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Dec 25, 2016 00:57
Today was Christmas Eve. At a small accessory shop near Kyoto Station, a young couple was choosing pierced earrings for the girl. They looked serious and also happy together. "How lovely," I thought. The shop didn't have too much expensive accessories. That also gave me a good impression.
I felt that they wouldn't just buy an accessory, but add a memorable episode on their lives. The earrings would remind both of them of the happy feelings of this day, while choosing them together. The boy gave her not only the earrings but also a lovely memory.
I don't have many jewelry myself. I love the stories that jewelry have. I wouldn't want to own those that has no stories. I had had some before. They were given to me just because of men's pride or their sense of duty. Maybe I would want lovely memories, not such expensive jewelry itself.