Today, I talked with (to?) my English language partner over Skype.

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Jun 18, 2019 23:09
Today, I talked with (to?) my English language partner over Skype. It has been two weeks since we last chatted. She looked a bit different. As soon as she started talking about the last two weeks, I understood why she wasn't smiling as usual. She visited a facility for disable people. It was by a personal invitation. She had never been to those facilities before.
When I asked he if she felt guilty, she was surprised. She didn't know how to define her feelings, or maybe it was just because I was the first person to ask her that.
I was glad that I had a friend like her: This is what I said to her. I said to her, "Don't feel guilty for being happy. You don't have to be sorry, because everyone has their own lives. And I believe that your happiness helps people around you, including those who you met there. If I were them, I would be glad to have a guest with a smiling face. I wouldn't want to have someone to visit me, who is pessimistic or negative, in bed! You have been still thinking of them with a sad face. I'm proud of you, my friend. You are a good person. Stay happy!"
I won't have someone as a friend, who just wants to enjoy a superficial life. I know she started worrying by thinking that she was the one, but in fact, her way of living is in complete antithesis to that of those people.
I don't mean you should start being interested in welfare for the social minority like an activist. I just wanted to say that I like those who think of others and know how to reflect on themselves.