Our body conditions affect our minds, and the reverse is also true.

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Feb 20, 2017 00:25
Our body conditions affect our minds, and the reverse is also true. I am aware that my feelings respond sensitively to my body condition. These days, my sleeping problem came out again and I have lost my weight too much. I must try something to kick off my depression before my journey to Europe, then I registered myself to a weekend dance course. I will write something about what happened to me on Saturday and how I felt about that.
The participants were only four: me, one man and two woman. The instructor was young but very good. Following her right directions, we learned more about our bodies. I was paired with the one and only male participant. The reason was my height. I am kind of tall for a Japanese woman. The instructor asked the two pairs to try mirroring: One leads the movement, and the other follows.
First, I was the leader. I already learned that his body was not as flexible as mine, so I moved slowly. I pushed his palms with my palms and gave the sign to take a lead. Contrary to my expectations, he used his body very well and created some interesting movements. We turned in a perfect unison. The moment lasted not so long, but impressing.
After the lesson, I felt like asking his name and his email address. Something went wrong. He was not my type at all. When I was in a shower, I suddenly understood what happened to me. My body made a harmony with his body, so I was attracted by him physically, and it also influenced my feelings a bit. I knew well that the reaction wouldn't remain so long unless I dance with him frequently at the class. This was an unexpected side effect, but not so bad. It reminds me that I shouldn't neglect to take care of my own body and listening to what it is saying is important. I feel better now again.