My friend writes manga in Japanese.

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Nov 12, 2019 23:49
My friend writes manga in Japanese. Her story is set in Japan and she sometimes does research in Japanese culture or girls' psychology. Today, she asked me what kind of situation I'd find romantic when going to see illuminations with someone who I like.

My answer: I'd find it romantic, if it happens but sadly that has never happened. You usually enjoy illuminations in wintertime with a Christmassy atmosphere. I'm sensitive to cold, so if someone gives me his gloves or scarf or knitted cap, I'd be impressed. If someone takes my hand and put in into his pocket of the coat, it would be so romantic. The greatest scenario is that he draws me and wraps me together in his coat, but that never happens. In the real world, I am always the one who is giving something warm to my companion. I carry an extra scarf in my knapsack, because I'm sensitive to cold.

My friend promised that she will suggest that to my future boyfriend.

My scenario seems to be impossible, but I think if nothing special happens, things can be great. Last winter, I went to the Christmas Market in Osaka with one of my colleagues who was in his late eighties. He had just started learning German and was keen to learn anything related to German culture. We enjoyed a cup of hot wine, sausages and pretzels. While looking up into lovely wooden German crafts, his face was beaming with joy as if he had been a young child. I remember the moment I saw his expression as one of my happiest time of the year. Just having fun with nice companion can be the most beautiful thing, I think so.