Today at the starting time it was already hot.

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Jun 26, 2018 21:47
Today at the starting time it was already hot. Our school occupies the ground floor and the first floor of the five stories building, and the control panel of the central air conditioning system is at our office.
My boss was trying to change the setting of it, but soon the students came. He handed me the manual and asked to change the setting so that the students can study in a cool classroom. I didn't have any confidence in reading manuals or any electric stuff. When I moved to this town, I took a couple days to install the light bulbs on the ceiling.
The manual was absolutely written in Japanese, but I didn't think I understood it. I read the instruction again and again. and then touched the panel. I thought I was following the instruction, but it turned out that I misread it. Suddenly all the signals on the panel turned red. I automatically looked for a sign like "←" to return, but there wasn't any. The panel was now showing that I just changed the setting of whole the building. It was warming the air inside.
I ran upstairs and bumped into my boss run out of the classroom. He said he had to check what was going on on the upper stairs and left. I entered the classroom. The hot air was blowing from the ceiling. My students wanted to know what was going on. I explained. One of them said, "Oh, Sensei, you want to kill us!?" I was really sorry. My boss came in again and said he must have handled it. I stayed there and taught the students instead of him. After twenty minutes, we felt fresh air. My boss returned and took over the class.
I was grateful that he made it. If I had had to deal with that alone, it would have taken some days and it would have stopped all the functions of other tenants.
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