Your Life Consists of Moments いのちは、時間のなかにある。

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Mar 10, 2019 21:46
I read my favourite books, mangas, articles or whatever once I was captivated by over and over again. This is one of those articles which I read from time to time.
I translated a short part of the interviewèe's story into German before, but this time, I want to write in English, what impressed me of this article.

Yoshiko Tatsumi says:
"I believe that when facing death, you will reflect over your life in a moment, what you have loved the most, and thinking about that more, how deeply you have dedicated your love into that."
"I think that your life consists of moments. If you take this moment lightly, your life living this moment would be valueless."
She tells an anecdote about a woman who served her bad tea. She says that the woman's life was with bad tea while the person was making bad tea for the guest.

Reading this part, I can't help but think that in modern times people worship money. They try to cut down on their expenses but end up buying a huge amount of cheap stuff in a low quality. Every time I pass by a sort of restaurant which is advertising that they can serve all-you-can-eat in two hours, I feel like shouting at someone else, if it would be worth spending your time and money, really? Shoving terrible meat into your mouth without nice conversation with your companies, without satisfaction, but just being irritated, greedily. Can you call it "satisfaction" or "happiness", really?
I think that happiness comes to you when you make tea giving your whole heart to it. It doesn't matter how expensive the tea leaves are, or how long the guest wants to stay there.
People tend to waste their lives/time on something bad, but due to their own choice. They can't realise that they could find a way to live without those things: bad feelings, bad memories, uncomfortable situations, unsatisfied working conditions, people who don't respect you or social expectations which never make you happy.
I sometimes apply this idea to my physical environments too. I say to myself: "I am over, so I can't stand any more, such as itchy tights, small and smart shoes which only hurt my feet, cheap food in a low quality, thick make-ups, advertising flooded in my view which aims to entice me to buy unnecessary things.".
If you can remember it's up to you, to fill your life with something good and reject the others, your life would be much easier. I'm aware that I'm kind of worrier, and I'm often obsessed by something which I only suffer from. That's why I should remind myself of that. I am trying to live every moment meaningfully.


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