There are only two teachers in my school: my boss and me.

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Sep 14, 2018 22:02
There are only two teachers in my school: my boss and me. When one takes a day off, the other tells the students that the person is working at the main campus in Aioi. Today my boss took a day off, officially "he is working in Aioi". We told the students beforehand that they could any subjects they wanted to on Friday, but never math. I am bad at math. It's not my field at all. I am a Japanese teacher.
When I went up to the classroom, I saw one of the students trying to solve quadratic equation quizes. There were three students there. I'll call them X, Y and Z. X is the student who was studying math.
X said to me sadly, "Sensei, I don't know how to solve them."
I looked at the quizes, thought for a few minutes and then remembered how to solve them. I drew a graph for a quadratic equation and explained about its minimum value. X suspiciously looked at my note and asked, politely, how she could know if my solution was true.
Y was sitting in front of X. Y said, "You should have learnt it! It's not efficient to study math with Ms. Yamamoto. I would study Japanese or English with her, and math with Mr. K."
K is my boss's name. X said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, but I wish he was here..."
Z called out me asking, "Sensei, what are actual numbers?"
I said, "Okay... You want to kill me."
X: "No, we won't. But math kills you."
X held up her iPhone and showed Z a YouTube video teaching "What actual numbers are.".
Z said, "That seems helpful, but I'm sorry, I am afraid I still don't understand."
Me: "Wait until Tuesday. Ask Mr.K on Tuesday."
X, Z: "Mr.K... Come back right now, please...."
Y: "Shut up! Ms. Yamamoto will be hurt!"
Me: "No. I feel the same. Come back, Mr. K, salvage us!"
You might think that the students don't respect me, but they are actually fair judges. Today I also taught old Chinese and explained the styles of Chinese poetry to X and Y. Y said, "Wow, that's surprising. The Japanese teacher at our junior high spent lots of time explaining about the styles, how to identify Zekku and Risshi, but I had never got it, even if tried to understand until I got a headache. I now got it after your short explanation! Now I don't understand why I was so badly struggling with Chinese poetry! They are very easy, aren't they?"
Giving a clear explanation isn't difficult, if you know very well about what you are explaining. I don't think that I am bad at explanation, but I just can't teach math because of my lack of understanding it.
Y「わあ、びっくり。うちの中学の先生は、何時間も、絶句と律詩の違いについて説明したけど、結局何にも分からなかったよ。頭が痛くなっただけだった。先生の説明で、一瞬で分かったよ。今は、何であんなに漢詩が難しかったのか、思い出せない! めちゃくちゃ簡単じゃん!」