It's Friday today.

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Aug 17, 2018 22:57
It's Friday today. Before I left my workplace, I was thinking of what I would cook for dinner. I thought that I should cook something healthy for my roommate.
Last Friday, I was dropped in an awkward situation. I believed that my friend wouldn't have been home and bought snacks to eats secretly during his absence. But it turned out that he was there and I ended up confessing my plot to him.
Contrary to my expectations, he wasn't there when I entered my flat today. I thought that he might have been out with his friends, because it was Friday night. At eight, I finally decided to feed myself something sweet, not something healthy.
When I put a bowl in front of myself and was about to mix the ingredients, I heard the key unlocked. My friend came in and cheerfully called, "I'm home!" And he saw me with a puzzled face. I was rolling around with laughter. He came back with good(bad?) timing. If he had come back thirty minutes or so later, I would have already been waiting for my midnight snacks baked up.
He asked me, "Why are you laughing?" I said, still laughing, "Nothing." He asked again, "It's not 'nothing', what happens?"
I decided to confess my plot. Two weeks in a row, I made a plot and failed to conceal it.
"I was about to make something sweet and high fat, because I didn't expect you were coming so early."
He looked at a package of tofu in front of me. He never knows what kinds of guilty food I could make with it. In Japan you can buy tofu in a cheaper price. And it can be used to mix up dough like honey or yogurt.
He said generously, "You can eat anything you want to."
He will move to another town soon. Then, I will be able to eat anything, no matter how unhealthy, high fat, they are, however, I am sure that I'll miss my current life.