I was so lazy that I hadn't learned vocabulary since my trip to...

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Jul 27, 2017 00:30
I was so lazy that I hadn't learned vocabulary since my trip to France this month. Today, I resumed my study.
Last weekend, I went to a ballet lesson. There were only eight students, including two beginners. I was one of the beginners. The ballet teacher was really good. She showed us the very basic positions. She corrected one student's position called Passe, while standing on one leg, draw the other toe to the pivot foot's knee.
She said, "See, her legs are beautiful En Dehors. All your efforts can be seen."
Her words surprised me. Japanese people often say: "見えない努力が大事 Even if nobody knows your efforts, you shouldn't neglect." Her words are completely opposite of this words. She smiled at us and added the explanation.
"She didn't neglect her training. She must be always conscious of her muscle, then it works. Her legs are getting more beautiful. That's why ballet is interesting. You can see your results, good or bad, they are always obvious."
After the ballet class, I've got sore legs and feet, though I like it. The ballet teacher also gave me another precious lesson: "The more you neglect, the harder you feel."
I thought that her words are also true about learning languages. That's why I resumed my study today.