My friend writes manga.

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Aug 17, 2019 23:26
My friend writes manga. Her manga is updated once a month, and this weekend the latest episode was released. I love her story. It is about the relationship between a man and a woman living the next door in an apartment house. Recently, he realised his feelings towards her, but now she is going out with another guy. In the latest episode, she goes to a museum for a date with that guy. She doesn't understand why he likes Gogh and feels awkward when he criticises those who have a sweet teeth. After the date, she tells to the next door guy how awkward it was, while eating an ice cream together.
I can relate to her feelings. With a stranger, wherever you go together, it might be to some degree uneasy. It may not be a good idea, if you are not interested in art but going to go to a museum with someone. And if you want to learn more about someone but are not yet familiar with them, things cannot go as you expected. You should at least choose activities you both two like to do. If your partner chooses a place you don't like and you cannot tell them, your relationship might not go well.
For me, personally there's another important requirement. I think I get along with people who understand I am a big eater and have a sweet teeth. If someone doesn't agree on going to a cafe, I would feel depressed. When I say "Let's go to a cafe" doesn't always mean "I want to chat with you" but "I am starving."
Not all my close friends are big eaters, but they know me very well on this point.