I met my friend at the train station near his work place and we tri...

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Jun 19, 2018 23:45
I met my friend at the train station near his work place and we tried the family restaurant which is famous but where he had never been before. We talked a little about yesterday's earthquake, but in the restaurant we naturally moved on to other casual topics.
He sometimes finds strange English expressions and explains why they are incorrect. Today's expression is: "We always serve good taste coffee..." I didn't find anything wrong with that expression. He gave me a hint, saying "taste" is the wrong word.
"Good taste of coffee?"
"Good tastes of coffee?"
"Give me the right answer!"
I have some memories about big earthquakes, precisely, about the days after those big earthquakes hit Japan.
We sat in a cozy restaurant which had no broken windows, inside enough lighting and music was playing. People looked relaxed just like we were. In a safe place, we just enjoyed talking without any worries. I thought that I'd forgotten how wonderful casual days are, in peace and quiet. Tomorrow I might feel like complaining on my life again, but I don't want to forget how happy I was in that restaurant.
A recording of my voice in English
今日の表現は「We always serve good taste coffee」
「good taste of coffee?」
「good tastes of coffee?」